Ontario birth records for 1918 perhaps available in a few months

Last year, Ancestry added Ontario’s birth records for 1917 in July.

So, when will we see birth records for 1918?

Mike Moore posted on Ontario Ancestors’ Facebook group a reply he received from the Archives of Ontario to that question.

The provincial archives said, “The Archives of Ontario will be receiving the 1918 birth registrations around mid 2024. Unfortunately, due to changes in the regulation we had to delay the transfer until 2024, (the) date has not been confirmed however you are more than welcome to email us around May to see if we have a timeline by then. Until then these records are still accessible through the Office of the Registrar General via mail only. Updates will be posted on our website as they are confirmed.”

It’s expected Ancestry will once again digitize the collection.

As always, family history research requires patience.

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