City Directories

Canada411 — Residential listing information originating from publicly available local telephone records for published telephone listings

Canadian Directories Collection (Halifax, Ottawa, plus others), Library and Archives Canada

Canadian and US Directories, hundreds of city and business directories on The Ancestor Hunt.

Atlantic Canada
Newfoundland Business Directories, Gazetteers, Phone Directories, Newfoundland’s Grand Banks

Prince Edward Island Directories, Island Register

Chatham (Ontario) Directories, 1870s to 2004, Chatham-Kent Public Library

Vernon’s Hamilton Directories, 1853-1969, Internet Archive

Hamilton, London and Kingston,Ontario, and Southwestern Ontario, Library and Archives Canada

Kingston, Ontario City Directories, 1855-1923, Digital Kingston

Peterborough (Ontario) City Directories, 1858-2010, City of Peterborough

Toronto City Directories, 1833-2001, Ontario Genealogical Society, Toronto Branch.

Toronto City Directories, 1833-1969 and ‘How to’, Where the story takes me

Toronto City Directories, 1833-2001, Toronto Public Library

Vernon Directories, 1890s-2014, Ontario municipalities, Ontario Ancestors/FamilySearch

Waterloo (County of), Ontario, 1864-1885, Kitchener Public Library

Windsor, 1888-1968, University of Windsor

Lovell’s Montreal Street Directories 1842-2010, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec

Marcotte Directories of Quebec City, 1822-1976, Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec

Western Canada
British Columbia City Directories, 1860-1955, Vancouver Public Library

Calgary (Alberta) Telephone Directories, 1903-2001, Medicine Hat and District Branch, Alberta Genealogical Society

Henderson’s Directories (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba), Peel’s Prairie Provinces

Lethbridge (Alberta) Telephone Directories, 1907-1967, Medicine Hat and District Branch, Alberta Genealogical Society

Medicine Hat and District (Alberta) Telephone Directories, 1907-2001, Medicine Hat and District Branch, Alberta Genealogical Society

5 Responses to City Directories

  1. Miriam Robbins’ Online Historical Directories includes all, or almost all, of the Canadian directories on-line and has links to individual directories, including as an example, some for British Columbia that Vancouver Public Library does not have in their database. Miriam’s website is one of Family Tree Magazine’s Best Websites for 2016. Well deserved!

    • Gail Dever says:

      Thanks for sharing the link! I took a look and it appears I had already captured most of them. I will add some of the others that are new to me. Too bad few directories have been digitized for Atlantic Canada.

  2. Brian Latham says:

    All of the directories for Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario from 1901 to 1950 are online at The direct link to them is complicated, so look under Local History.

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