Online Books & Theses

Online Books
Google Books  Advanced search capabilities and date ranging help locate specific names, titles, and ancestral locations in millions of books that can be previewed or read for free.

FamilySearch  This collection of more than 40,000 digitized genealogy and family history publications includes family histories, county and local histories, genealogy magazines and how-to books, gazetteers, medieval histories, and pedigrees.

Free Irish Genealogy eBooks  More than 5,000 free books about Irish history and genealogy are available online.

Internet Archive  Millions of resources, including books, family histories, census records, and city directories.

Peel’s Prairie Provinces  Offers an online bibliography of books, pamphlets, directories, and other materials related to the development of the Canadian Prairies, as well as a searchable full-text collection of many of these items.

HathiTrust  Contains many ways to search for ancestor and history information, including collections, full-text search, and catalogue. You can view thumbnails, full pages, and links to tables of contents.

British History Online  Contains printed sources for the medieval and modern history of the British Isles.

World Digital Library  Multilingual materials from countries and cultures around the world.

University Dissertations and Theses
Theses Canada, Library and Archives Canada

Concordia University

McGill University

Saint Mary’s University, Halifax

Université de Montréal

University of Alberta

University of British Columbia

University of Saskatchewan

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    Thanks for mentioning the McGill theses page. I found some useful information about Saskatchewan. I also have found useful stuff on St. Mary’s University Halifax theses page

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