This week’s crème de la crème — September 30, 2023

Some of the bijoux I discovered this week.

Crème de la crème of genealogy blogs

Blog posts
Irish Ordnance Survey maps join National Library of Scotland maps platform by Chris Paton on Scottish GENES.

Living London by John Reid on Anglo-Celtic Connections.

100 Best Free Online Genealogy Websites by Kenneth R. Marks on The Ancestor Hunter.

The Hidden Meaning of Grave Marker Symbols Explained by Patricia Hartley on Family History Daily.

Back to the Basics with Immigration Records: Part 1 – Getting Started and The American Farmer in the Eighteenth Century Review: A Social and Cultural History – Fall Book Selection by Diana Elder on Family Locket.

Mark the date for the launch of French Boy by Denis Ledoux by Juliana L’Heureux on Franco-American News and Culture.

About that advanced option… by Judy G. Russell on The Legal Genealogist.

Inside My Family History Photo Books by Marian B. Wood on Climbing My Family Tree.

The Trip of a Lifetime by Sandra McHugh on Genealogy Ensemble.

The Stranger who Became a Friend by Jenny Hawran on Like Herding Cats.

Genealogy Ping Pong: Alternating Between Documentary Research and DNA by Rick T. Wilson on My Family Pattern.

Ancestry Updates Ethnicity, Introduces New Features & Pushes Some Behind Paywall by Roberta Estes on DNAeXplained.

7 Strategies to Set Up Your DNA Project for Success by Paul Woodbury on Legacy Tree Genealogists.

How to view Ancestry records for free by Jon Bauckham, Who Do You Think You Are?, Bristol, England.

‘Tired beyond all telling’: Revealing the hard, often brief, lives of pauper apprentices, The Past, London, England.

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