Two dozen new genealogy videos on Allen County Public Library’s YouTube channel

The Allen County Public Library’s Genealogy Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana this week added 14 new videos to its YouTube channel.

The videos vary in length from about 30 minutes to an hour. Look for a link to a presentation handout that is available in a few of the video descriptions.

Florida Genealogy by Matthew Storey.

Wednesdays with Witcher: Telling the Stories Taking Advantage of Boundless Opportunities Around Us: GPS, FANs, Preponderance of the Evidence, and Researching in 4-D with Curt Witcher.

Ask the Experts: Genealogy Software with Cynthia Theusch and Elizabeth Hodges.

Exploring Missouri Roots – Available Resources in the “Show-Me” State by Ginger Brickey.

I Have a Civil War Ancestor… Now What? by Brian Rhinehart. Handout included.

What does that say? Deciphering Handwriting in Genealogical Documents by Elizabeth Hodges. Handout included.

They Lived: Immigrant Neighborhoods in US Cities by Elizabeth Hodges. Handout included.

Leaving the Farm by Amy Vedra.

Beyond Civil and Church Records: Digging Deeper into Mexican Research by Lisa Medina. Handout included.

Using Maps for Genealogy Research by Philip Sutton.

Wednesdays With Witcher: Finding the Things We Are Not Looking For with Curt Witcher.

Vivid-Pix and Photo Reminiscence Therapy by Rick Voight.

My DNA Results Are In! What Do They Mean? by Sara Allen.

The Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692: History and Sources by John Beatty. Handout included.

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