This week’s crème de la crème — September 10, 2022

Some of the bijoux I discovered this week.

Crème de la crème of genealogy blogs

Blog posts
What you need to know to visit the BC Archives today (Sep 2022) by Linda Yip on Past Presence.

9 Bonus Facts on Italian Birth Records, Part 2 by DiAnn Iamarino on Fortify Your Family Tree.

Dutch Genealogy News by Yvette Hoitink on Dutch Genealogy.

Why You Should Use Cyndi’s List: Words from Cyndi Herself by Cari A. Taplin on Genealogy Pants.

French Commercial Genealogy Loses Its Independence – and It’s a Pity by Anne Morddel on The French Genealogy Blog.

Estate planning by Ann Raymont on DNAsleuth.

Downsizing when you’re the family historian by Janine Adams on Organize Your Family History.

Use This Free Tool to Restore Faces in Old Family Photos by Elizabeth Yuko on Lifehacker.

First Grade Memories – Monday Memory by Nancy on My Ancestors and Me.

My Dad Hid My Sister From Me For Decades. Then I Learned That Wasn’t Our Only Family Secret. by Sarah Leibov, HuffPost, New York, New York.

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