Family Tree Live’s DNA lectures on YouTube

If you can spare an hour during this busy time of the year, pour yourself a cup of coffee and watch on YouTube the presentation, Ethnicity percentages demystified, that Debbie Kennett delivered in April at Family Tree Live in London, England.

The DNA testing companies will try to assign your ancestry to specific regions and countries from around the world. However, these findings and percentages can raise many more questions, such as:

      • Why do you get different results from different companies?
      • Why have you been assigned ancestry from Norway or Italy when you have no ancestors from these countries?

In her talk, Ms. Kennett explains what the population percentages actually mean, and gives an understanding of the science behind the calculations to help you make sense of your DNA test.

In a Facebook post about her presentation, Ms. Kennett wrote, “A few things have changed since then but the basic principles are the same. There were some good questions from the audience.”

This is the 11th DNA presentation from this year’s conference to be posted on the the Family Tree Live — DNA Lectures YouTube channel. The speakers are introduced by Irish genetic genealogist Dr. Maurice Gleeson.

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