New Quebec family histories at BAnQ — August 2018

The Grande Bibliothèque in Montreal received in August six published families histories for its Genealogy collection. All were published in Quebec.

The Grande Bibliothèque is the flagship library facility of the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ). All books published in Quebec, including family histories, must be deposited at the Grande Bibliothèque. They form part of the national collection.

Although most of the family histories at the Grande Bibliothèque are written in French, if you find one about your ancestors, you will probably figure out a way to use it in your research. To help, I have provided a brief description in English after each title below.

If interested in learning more about the books listed below, contact BAnQ by completing the online form. (Click on English in top right corner of form to see the English-language form.) The people at BAnQ will respond in English or French, depending on the language of inquiry, within a couple of days.

Family names are highlighted in bold.

Les familles souches de la Minerve by Suzanne Ally-Grenier. La Minerve, Quebec : Suzanne Ally-Grenier, 2018. 159 pages. Illustrations.

The founding families of La Minerve, a town in Quebec’s Laurentians, north of Montreal. No surnames listed in the book description.

BeauchampBouvrette : familles pionnières by Hélène Beauchamp. Lachute, Quebec : Hélène Beauchamp, 2018. 101 pages. Illustrations.

Beauchamp- Bouvrette: Pioneer families. Jacques Beauchamp dit Le Grand Beauchamp, 1635-1693, and Étienne Bouvret, born in about 1712.

Edmé Fugère dit Champagne : histoire et descendance by Sabine Champagne. Quebec : Sabine Champagne, 2018. 464 pages. Illustrations.

About the history and descendants of Edmé Fugère dit Champagne, who lived from 1705 to 1750.

Familles Thurso, Lochaber = Families Thurso, Lochaber. Thurso, Québec : 2017.

About the families in Thurso in the Lochaber township in Quebec, near Ottawa. Includes English text.

Traces : présence des Legendre en Amérique du Nord by Robert Legendre. Lévis, Quebec : Fondation littéraire Fleur de lys, 2017. 513 pages, Illustrations. Index. Bibliography.

Traces: Presence of the Legendres in North America.

La famille Berthiaume : cent vingt-cinq ans d’histoire (1892-2016) by François-Xavier Simard. Ottawa : Édition Baico Inc., 2016. 464 pages. Illustrations. Bibliography. Index. DVD.

The Berthiaume family: 125 years of history (1892-2016). François-Xavier Berthiaume, 1871-1934, Jacques Berthéome, 1633-1707. Title of the DVD is CBC Documentary, “At death’s door”/”La vie au salon funéraire.” It appears to be a documentary about life in a funeral parlour.

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    Are these Canadian books available through interlibrary loan to the USA??
    I am interested in the book about families in Thurso, Locaber, Quebdc…

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