U of Michigan digitizes 134 years of student newspapers

The University of Michigan has created a digital archive of its student newspaper, The Michigan Daily, from 1890 to 2014, but this is no ordinary student publication. In addition to campus news, the newspaper has covered state, national, and international news.

It is easy to narrow down the search results in 'The Michigan Daily' newspaper by decade and year.

It is easy to narrow down the search results in ‘The Michigan Daily’ newspaper by decade and year.

While the original purpose of  the Daily was to record the lives of students, it later expanded its coverage to national and international news, becoming a competitor in the Michigan newspaper market. The Daily joined the Associated Press (AP) in 1916 and installed a teletype, bringing the AP news of the nation and world to the Daily newsroom in 1936.

This search function is very good and it is easy to narrow down the search by decade and then by year. Equally good is how simple it is to download an image or an entire issue. It will make you wish every newspaper archive was this easy to use.

Michigan’s close proximity to Canada, especially Ontario, means that a number of Canadians migrated to there at some point. It’s worth a shot to search for elusive ancestors in this collection.

The plan is to update the newspaper database annually.

Start your search here.

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