FCHSM’s detailed timelines about 17th-century New France include names

The French-Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan recently uploaded to its website three detailed timelines that focus on French Canadian missionary work, exploration, and fur trading activities in the Great Lakes, Mississippi Valley, and Texas, from May 1681 to November 1701.

These timelines first appeared in the society’s publication, Michigan’s Habitant Heritage.

Society member Diane Wolford Sheppard, who produced these timelines, said, “Each entry in the timeline is detailed, footnoted, and whenever possible or practical contains the names of all people involved in the event.

“For example, instead of a simple entry such as ‘La Salle took possession of Louisiana on 9 April 1782,’ you will read a detailed entry for 25 January 1682 to fall 1682, which names all the French Canadians who accompanied Robert Cavelier, sieur de La Salle, on the journey.”

Look for these timelines in Part 4 – May 1681 – August 1684; Part 5 – August 1684 – December 1688; and Part 6 – January 1689 – November 1701 on the society’s web page, History of New France.

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