A Canadian hockey great included in Geneastar’s new family trees

In January, Geneastar added about 50 new family trees of famous people, including Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal and Charlene Tilton from the 1980s TV show Dallas. The descriptor, famous, is perhaps subjective. I struggled to recognize many of the names.

The family history of Patrick Roy, who was named one of the 100 Greatest NHL Players in history and now coaches the New York Islanders, can be traced to some of the earliest Europeans settlers in New France.
Photo: Antoine Letarte, Creative Commons.

While almost all of the people are American, a couple of Canadians squeezed their way onto the list, and both are from Quebec — hockey great Patrick Roy and biologist, botanist and academic Jules Brunel, who was born in 1905.

It should perhaps come as no surprise that the ancestors of both of these men have been traced back to some of the earliest European settlers in New France in the 1600s.

Mr. Roy’s ancestors on his paternal side are descended from French settlers. His mother’s roots include Acadian and Scottish.

Unfortunately, no resource documents are attached to these trees, but sometimes you’ll see a briefly identified source. As with all online trees, the names and information provided should only be taken as a hint to be verified.

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