Guide to online Toronto historical newspapers updated

Toronto skyline. Photo: Aaron Davis. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Researcher, writer and historical consultant Jamie Bradburn has updated his Guide to Online Toronto Historical Newspaper Resources that also features some suburban additions.

At the end of the guide, Mr. Bradburn lists the newspapers that are not yet available online, including one major publication, The Telegram.

Mr. Bradburn wrote:

The Telegram (1876-1971)
While portions of the paper’s photo archive have been digitized by York University, no issues apart from’s tiny selection are currently available (I was once told that the cost to do so would be prohibitive, given it was published for nearly a century). Given the paper’s strong influence, for better or worse, on City Hall politics, its long circulation and philosophical war with the Star, and overall excellence during the late 1960s (the “After Four” section is fantastic for tracking the city’s youth culture), its lack of availability is unfortunate.

According to Wikipedia, “York University’s library holds about 500,000 prints and 830,000 negatives of pictures taken by the Telegram‘s photographers. More than 13,000 images are currently searchable online, with more appearing on a regular basis.” (Note that more than 17,000 images are now searchable.)

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