New book on bastardy affidavits in eastern Ontario

The Archives of Ontario yesterday shared the news on social media that genealogist and author Linda Corupe has published a new book, called Really and Truly the Father: Bastardy Affidavits from Eastern District (1837-1849), United Counties of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry (1850-1921), which examines the unpublished bastardy affidavits in the Archives of Ontario collections.

The provincial archives said the book is about a “fascinating part of Ontario’s legal history and a rich source of genealogical information.”

These documents record oaths of affiliation sworn by unwed mothers, and were considered the first step in a legal battle between the mother’s guardian and the alleged perpetrator.

Ms. Corupe’s book is the fourth in a series about bastardy affidavits in Ontario.

The Archives of Ontario said, “Many of the records are in poor condition and afflicted with mould, so Linda worked closely with our Conservator Adriane in the Preservation Services Lab to analyze and photograph these records in the Biosafety Cabinet, which helps to filter out dangerous mould particles.”

This book and the previous three volumes can be purchased directly from Ms. Corupe’s website.

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