Learn how to research the Archives of Ontario website — New blog post and webinar

If you are interested in learning how to explore the records at the Archives of Ontario and use their new search tool, this is your lucky week. There is both a blog post and a webinar about the provincial archives.

How-to blog post
Ken McKinlay has written an excellent article, Archives of Ontario AIMS, on his blog, Family Tree Knots, about his experience with the new search engine, called Archives and Information Management System (AIMS). He provides the steps needed to conduct a productive search.

For researchers who’ve often used the provincial archives’ website, Ken has good news: “At first glance, for most of us who used the older search site, there really isn’t much of a difference for doing basic searches. Except you may get back results that you hadn’t seen before since AIMS searches not just one but four databases.”

Free webinar
On Friday, October 21, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time, Legacy Family Tree Webinars will host the free webinar, Researching at the Archives of Ontario, presented by Janice Nickerson.

This virtual presentation is part of the O Canada webinar series.

The Archives of Ontario (AO) is the foremost repository for Ontario records. It houses all non-active provincial-level government records, many municipal-level government records, and reams of corporate, organizational and private papers. If you haven’t spent many hours at the AO, you haven’t thoroughly researched your Ontario ancestor. This class will introduce you to the AO’s MVRs (most valuable records), and show you how to use the website of the AO to identify relevant records, research historical background and find maps and images for your family history.

Registration is required to watch the live webinar. It will be available to watch for free in the webinar library for up to seven days afterward.

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