Virtual Genealogical Association celebrates its 4th birthday — and we’re all invited

The Virtual Genealogical Association (VGA) is celebrating its fourth year with a birthday party on Saturday, April 30, starting at 10:00 a.m. Eastern time — and everyone is invited to attend.

Genealogy games, presentations, door prizes, and fun are all on the agenda.

To think when VGA first began, this global organization was ahead of the curve with virtual presentations.

The organization was founded on April 27, 2018 by Katherine R. Willson (VGA president, 2018-2020), Christine Woodcock, Terri O’Connell, Tami Mize, and Lisa Alzo.

Here’s the tentative schedule of birthday events (all times are in Eastern):

  • 9:30: VGA Hangouts/Gives Back – 1950 Census Research/Index Verification
  • 10:00: Welcome and New VGA Logo Reveal
  • 10:10: “Genealogy Quiz Game using Kahoot” with Jeanette Sheliga
  • 10:20: “Finding Aids Come to the Rescue” by Eleanor Brinsko
  • 10:30: “Why I’m a One-Namer” by M. Diane Rogers
  • 10:40: Breakout #1
  • 10:50: “Make an Ancestor Coloring Book!” by Marian Burk Wood
  • 11:00: “Rock Island Prison” by Ronnie Janecka
  • 11:30: Breakout #2
  • 11:45: “Introducing ‘L.A.’s Most Bizarre Lady Lawyer,’ through Google Earth Pro” by Marie Palmer
  • 12:00: “Clarity, Not Word Count” by Lynn Broderick
  • 12:10: “Scrapbooks: A Genealogist’s Goldmine” by Melissa Barker
  • 12:40: “Genealogy Game Show” by Connie Davis

More genealogy presentations will be shared on the VGA YouTube channel to help celebrate VGA’s birthday. The following presentations haven’t yet been posted, but you’ll find many others there, and they look really good.

  • “Genealogy Serendipity (Or Was Mom Guiding Me?)” by Deb Holman
  • “In Which I am Surprised that the Person My Town is Named After Was a Big Deal” by Sara E. Campbell
  • “Downunder Ancestors: A Mixed Bunch” by Shauna Hicks
  • “Moonshine and Stills: Finding Archived Records for Your Moonshiner Ancestors” by Melissa Barker
  • “Concise Communication for Genealogists Using SBAR” by Connie Davis
  • “Introduction to WikiTree’s US Black Heritage Project” by Connie Davis
  • “Share Where the Bodies Are Buried” by Marian Burk Wood
  • “Postcard Clues” by M Diane Rogers

Register for the birthday presentations and activities here.

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