Genealogist’s review of the CZUR Aura Pro scanner for documents

Genealogical societies, historical societies, and other organizations who need a scanner for high-volume scanning projects may want to take a look at a review of the CZUR Aura Pro scanner.

Ben Dawson, co-chair of Ontario Ancestors’ London Middlesex Branch, wrote a review on his website, Family Tree Project, after the branch purchased and tested the scanner for digitizing books and documents.

The branch plans to use the scanner for their own projects and to help local organizations, such as cemeteries and libraries, with theirs.

The CZUR Aura Pro appears to be suited for scanning books, magazines, documents, and objects at a commercial speed.

CZUR says its scanner scans flat single pages as well as bound books and documents simply and easily. “Its revolutionary ‘Book Curve Flattening’ technology solves the problem of having to unbind books before scanning.”

When asked if the CZUR Aura Pro would be a good purchase for someone interested in scanning photos in JPG format, Mr. Dawson said, “I wouldn’t use it as a primary scanner for photos as the resolution may be lower than most flatbed scanners.”

He added, “Generally, I would recommend it for anything that would be awkward or time consuming to use a flatbed to scan.”

The scanner is available at Amazon in Canada for $399.

As with most items that are worth more than a few dollars, it’s up to individuals and organizations to do their own homework by assessing their needs and exploring all options before making a purchase.

And don’t forget copyright regulations when scanning.

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