Canadiana website streamlining from three to two research collections

As of August 12, the Early Canadiana Online (ECO) portal will be integrated with Canadiana Online to create a single access point for historical publications available through Canadiana.

Combining ECO and Canadiana Online is expected to improve the user experience of the Canadiana website and facilitate future developments.

As a larger and still-growing collection, Canadiana Online contains everything currently available in ECO, plus much more.

August 12, 2019, the Early Canadiana Online (ECO) portal will be integrated with Canadiana Online.

Individuals accessing Canadiana content can now search over 19 million pages in Canadiana Online, which includes an additional 13 million pages of content that is not available in ECO.

The Canadian Research Knowledge Network, which manages the website, encourages users to switch to Canadiana Online for any searches and browsing they would typically do through ECO. Any links to ECO content will seamlessly redirect to the same content on Canadiana Online

The Héritage collection will remain a separate portal on the Canadiana website.

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3 Responses to Canadiana website streamlining from three to two research collections


    I am having trouble with the Canadiana search engine. I put in my Canadian surnames & nothing shows on the indicated pages, which supposedly have some reference to the surname…
    Am I missing a trick?

    • Gail Dever says:

      You cannot search much of Canadiana by surname. You need to think about where your ancestor lived, what regiment they served in, where they worked, etc. For example, I searched for Picton, a small town in Ontario where my Irish ancestors settled in 1862. The results produced two municipal voters lists, and by flipping through the dozen pages, I found my great-great-grandfather listed as a property owner.

      I recommend you register for free and watch Dave Obee’s presentation about Canadiana. It will be available until the end of July 2019. More info here —

  2. Linda Hetnandez says:

    My ancestors are Guidry, Prejean, Arceneaux, Brasseaux, Comeaux, Credeur, Mouton, and Sonnier. I have lots of French names in my family tree. Love get as much info as possible. Thanks

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