This week’s crème de la crème — January 19, 2019

Some of the bijoux I discovered this week.

Crème de la crème of genealogy blogsBlogs
Canadian WW2 Service Files: Part 1 – War Dead (1939-1947) by Steve Clifford on Doing Our Bit.

Update to the Quebec City Prison Database by Patricia Greber on My Genealogy Life.

Bulletin des Recherches Historiques by Jacques Gagné on Genealogy Ensemble.

Western Canada Legal Land Description by John D. Reid on Canada’s Anglo-Celtic Connections.

Burial Cards for WW1 American Soldiers by Lorine McGinnis Schulze on Olive Tree Genealogy.

My Favourite 25 Australasian Websites by Shauna Hicks on Shauna Hicks History Enterprises.

Hidden in Plain Sight: A Guide to Image-Only Record Collections by Katy on Legacy Tree Genealogists.

New FamilySearch Feature by Jen Campbell on Repurposed Genealogy.

Giving a Listen by Jacqi Stevens on A Family Tapestry.

Genealogy Research Behind Closed Doors by Melissa Barker on A Genealogist In The Archives.

Putting myself in the frame: I seek dead people by Elizabeth O’Neal on My Descendant’s Ancestors.

The French View on “Recreational DNA Testing” by Anne Morddel on The French Genealogy Blog.

Evidence of unmarked Acadian graves found in Fort Anne, N.S., CTV, Nova Scotia.

Park for Montreal’s 6,000 Irish Famine victims could become a reality by Marian Scott, Montreal Gazette, Quebec.

Grandmother Mary Crabb hoping to find World War II heroes who saved her life by Rachel Younger on ITV, Britain.

Dundee woman without family leaves note to ensure possessions get donated to city archives by Scott Milne, The Courier, Dundee, Scotland.

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