One way to cope with Ancestry withdrawal: Take advantage of 50% discount on Findmypast

Among the many suggestions of what to do after I cancelled my Ancestry subscription and attempted to go through withdrawal is to explore other collections and online databases.

Here to the rescue is a Findmypast promotion. is offering a one-month subscription to its Ultimate British and Irish package at half price. The regular price of a month’s subscription is US$19.95. With the 50 percent discount, it’s US$9.98 — or about CDN$13.

Now, I don’t know any golfers who would have to think twice about spending $13, but this genealogist needs to ponder a bit — and likely subscribe. The gardening season has finally begun. Decisions, decisions. Geraniums? Or genealogy? Or both?

The Findmypast discount deadline is Tuesday, May 8.

I’ll let you calculate the exact time of day the discount offer ends. I had enough trouble converting to Canadian dollars.

To give Ancestry credit, they do provide their subscription rates in Canadian currency.

See Claire Santry’s blog, Irish Genealogy News, for the details and a link to the discounted Findmypast subscription offer.

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4 Responses to One way to cope with Ancestry withdrawal: Take advantage of 50% discount on Findmypast

  1. caith culbertson says:

    Also, I cancelled my Ancestry subscription as a protest against them for my angst re their pretending to be “prime time” when they are actually in their “mickey mouse” phase. When they “grow up”…… LOL

    You might want to take a month-to-month subscription on occasion, but be sure to cancel 4-5 days before expiration AND get your cancellation number. Even though you cancel before expiration, you can still use the subs until expiration.

  2. RonNasty64 says:

    If you ever want to rename your blog or start another one, you’ve got a great name for it: “Geraniums and Genealogy”.

  3. Toni says:

    I’ve gotten some really useful things there. I let my subscription lapse because I didn’t “need” it after a certain point. Now that I’m farther down the road and have new people to research I think a one month is just right. Either they are there or they aren’t. If I can’t get done in a month, then maybe a year subscription again when they run a special. I wish I could subscribe to everthing!

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