Newfoundland recipes for Figgy Duff and Gull S**t Muffins

Since I wrote yesterday about an online archive of old Jewish recipes, it seemed only fair to share a National Post article about Newfoundland recipes for Figgy Duff and Gull S**t Muffins. Baking these recipes may help you connect with your ancestors from Canada’s tenth province or perhaps you’ll discover your inner Newfoundlander.

Chef and cookbook author Bonnie Stern learned that Figgy Duff is a traditional steamed Newfoundland dessert that is usually made with raisins and served with butterscotch sauce.

As for the recipe, Mr. Parsons’ Gull S**t Muffins, it should come as no surprise there’s a story behind the name.

Ms. Stern wrote, “It seems that when Mrs. Parsons made these she called them ‘Black Bottom Cupcakes’ but Mr. Parsons wasn’t having any of that fancy talk. He told her they just looked like ‘gull sh–t.’ The name stuck and so did the muffins. They are delicious.”

The recipe for Figgy Duff and Ms. Stern’s version of Gull S**t Muffins are available in the National Post article, Newfoundland is baking up a batch of lovely recipes.

Let me know if you try them and how they turn out.

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  1. RonNasty64 says:

    Given that only one photo was chosen for the two recipes, I’m disappointed that the muffins weren’t shown, although given their name, maybe it’s better that way.

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