Nova Scotia Archives digitizes another year of birth, marriage and death records

Nova Scotia Archives recently added 26,646 historical vital statistics for births in 1916, marriages in 1941, and deaths in 1966. These records were released on December 31, 2016 and since then have been digitized, fully indexed, and checked for quality control.

This year’s accruals include 13,454 births (1916), 6,689 marriages (1941) and 6,503 deaths (1966). The birth records include some delayed entries for individuals born in 1916 (or earlier), but not registered until a later date.

The following records are available on the provincial archives’ website:

Births 1864-1877, 1908-1916 (Delayed Registrations 1830-1916)
Marriages Bonds 1763-1864 and Registrations 1864-1941
Deaths 1864-1877 and 1908-1966, and City of Halifax 1890-1908

Start your search on the Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics web page.

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