Inspiration for writing about your ancestors

Lisa Alzo’s Ten Things I Miss About My Dad provides much-needed inspiration for those of us who struggle to find time and/or inclination to write our family history.

Take a look at Ms. Alzo’s loving tribute to her father. You will see that it can serve as a simple and doable way to write about your family members and ancestors.

Image courtesy of punsayaporn at

Image courtesy of punsayaport at

In her blog post, Ms. Alzo writes about some of her fondest memories, such as her father’s hats, favourite sayings, love of sports, and ability to fix things. You probably have a list of your own about a relative that is equally engaging and touching.

So, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, find a quiet spot, and write ten things about one of your ancestors. It may not be the epic family history you hope to produce one day, but it’s a start.

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One Response to Inspiration for writing about your ancestors

  1. Barbara Tose says:

    Thanks for this Gail. It’s a great post and a challenge I will do myself and may send to my siblings to do. I was even thinking of sending it to a few of my Dad’s friends to get a different perspective on his life. It was something I intended to do right after my Dad died but didn’t get to. Maybe now is the time.

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